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Ted Talk: kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly: How does technology evolve? Like we did

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What is Computation? How Does Nature Compute?

Adrian German over in Computer Science has organized what looks to be a fascinating conference, Midwest NKS 2008, that will be taking place this weekend, starting on Friday. There is an amazing array of speakers, either live or by videoconference, including Gregory Chaitin, David Deutsch, Ed Fredkin, Sir Anthony J. Legget, Charles Bennett, Stephen Wolfram, and more.

The theme of the conference is "What is Computation? How Does Nature Compute?". There will be talks on the physics of information, quantum computation, cellular automata (of course; NKS == Wolfram's New Kind of Science), and, generally, the nature of reality and computability.

Though there are some lunches and dinners that require paid registration, everything else is FREE, including all of the lectures and the coffee, donuts, and other refreshments. Events start at 8:30am Friday 10/31 and run until Sunday 11/2 at 12:15pm.

Full schedule and additional info



Slides for Lecture 5 online

Lecture 5 - Information and Uncertainty

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A computer for living cells

"In a boost to the field of synthetic biology, researchers have created an RNA-based device that can control gene expression of target genes, thus regulating molecular processes in living cells, a paper in this week's Science reports. " Full story @ The Scientist



Assignment 1: New Deadline

As discussed in class, new deadline is midnight on October 17th.




Biology's Gift to a Complex World

"How studying biological interactions and evolution yields techniques for predicting the outcome of complex interactions". By John Holland @ The Scientist

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Slides for Lecture 4 online

Lecture 4 - Organized Complexity, Information, and Symbols

Also see the lecture notes: Formalizing and Modeling the World

Warren Weaver's View of Problems and Systems

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Around the World

What kind of information is conveyed here? What do the figures represent?

Daft Punk - Around the World by Michel Gondry

By the way, the "Daft Punk is Playing in my House" video, by the LCD Soundsystem pays homage to the video above.

Michel Gondry at the Internet Movie Database

Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar (High Quality Real Media Video). Description of Video by Michel Gondry

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links for lecture 4

Semiotics by Mick Underwood

Mayan Hieroglyphs on wikipedia

Egyptian Glyphs

Write Like an Egyptian

Cut up your Text!

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