Ants Swarm Like Brains Think

"A neuroscientist studies ant colonies to understand feedback in the brain." Full news article @ Nautilus



Mathematical approaches to modeling development and reprogramming

"In a landmark representation of cell differentiation, Waddington depicted a developmental landscape where pluripotent cells were positioned at the top of a hill progressively losing differentiation potential while going downhill into different valleys representing irreversible differentiated states. [...] Here we discuss recent advancements in Induced pluripotent stem cells reprogramming and introduce mathematical approaches to help map the landscape between cell states during reprogramming." Full paper @ PNAS



Selfish gene, dead or alive? – David Dobbs & others

"Is it time to kill off the idea of the ‘Selfish Gene’? We asked four experts to respond to our most controversial essay." Full article at


Big data: are we making a big mistake?

"Big data is a vague term for a massive phenomenon that has rapidly become an obsession with entrepreneurs, scientists, governments and the media." Full news artcle @ FT.com



Mutations explain poor showing of 2012 flu vaccine

Example of emergence in the Rosen sense: Mutations explain poor showing of 2012 flu vaccine : Nature News

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