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"Statisticians can reuse their data to quantify the uncertainty of complex models." Full article by Cosma Shalizi @ The American Scientist



Complex networks: The fragility of interdependency

"A study of failures in interconnected networks highlights the vulnerability of tightly coupled infrastructures and shows the need to consider mutually dependent network properties in designing resilient systems". Full article @ Nature



Secret of Annoying Crowds Revealed

"Push, shout, or politely excuse yourself all you want, but those slowpokes in your way just won't budge. A new study shows a long-neglected reason why: Up to 70% of people in crowds socially glue themselves into groups of two or more, slowing down traffic. What's worse, as crowds gets denser, groups bend into anti-aerodynamic shapes that exacerbate the problem." Full news report @ ScienceNOW.

Full Article:

Moussaïd M, Perozo N, Garnier S, Helbing D, Theraulaz G [2010]. "The Walking Behaviour of Pedestrian Social Groups and Its Impact on Crowd Dynamics". PLoS ONE 5(4): e10047.

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