The Mind-Expanding Ideas of Andy Clark

"Clark says that our minds extend out into the world, incorporating tools and other minds in order to think. The tools we use to help us think—from language to smartphones—may be part of thought itself. [...]. The idea of an extended mind has itself extended far beyond philosophy, which is why Clark is now, in his early sixties, one of the most-cited philosophers alive. His idea has inspired research in the various disciplines in the area of cognitive science (neuroscience, psychology, linguistics, A.I., robotics) and in distant fields beyond. Some archeologists now say that when they dig up the remains of lost civilizations they are not just reconstructing objects but reconstructing minds. Some musicologists say that playing an instrument involves incorporating an object into thought and emotion, and that to listen to music is to enter into a larger cognitive system comprised of many objects and many people." Full article @ the New Yorker

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Evolution is the New Deep Learning

"There is significant momentum building in this area; indeed, we believe evolutionary computation may well be the next big thing in AI technology." Full post at Sentient.

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