Special Demi-Issues on Network Data Analysis

Awesome recommendation from Cosma Shalizi: Special Demi-Issues on Network Data Analysis in <cite>Annals of Applied Statistics</cite>



Community Structure in Time-Dependent, Multiscale, and Multiplex Networks

"Network science is an interdisciplinary endeavor, with methods and applications drawn from across the natural, social, and information sciences. A prominent problem in network science is the algorithmic detection of tightly connected groups of nodes known as communities. We developed a generalized framework of network quality functions that allowed us to study the community structure of arbitrary multislice networks, which are combinations of individual networks coupled through links that connect each node in one network slice to itself in other slices. This framework allows studies of community structure in a general setting encompassing networks that evolve over time, have multiple types of links (multiplexity), and have multiple scales. Full article @ Science



A Turing Machine Overview

"My goal in building this project was to create a machine that embodied the classic look and feel of the machine presented in Turing’s paper. I wanted to build a machine that would be immediately recognizable as a Turing machine to someone familiar with Turing's work.
"A Turing Machine Overview

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