Interdisciplinarity: Topping the charts

"We offer ideas on why India ranks highest and Brazil fifth — above the United States and Europe — in terms of the numbers of interdisciplinary research papers that they publish in Elsevier journals "Interdisciplinarity: Topping the charts : Nature : Nature Publishing Group


GEPHI - Introduction to Network Analysis and Visualization

Modelling with networks. Gephi is an easy access and powerful network analysis tool. See tutorial designed to allow everyone to try a couple of first experiments on two complementary datasets.GEPHI - Introduction to Network Analysis and Visualization



Cybernetics and its offspring

Some n-gram analysis:
Some fun links to think about Information Theory and Cyberentics:
Entropy Applet
Letter frequency in English
Word and Letter Frequency in English
Entropy of English
Text Mechanic - Text Manipulation Tools
1952 – “Theseus” Maze-Solving Mouse @ cyberneticzoo.com

From At&T Archives:

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Fibonacci in Nature

Mathematics is the language of Nature... Fibonacci in Nature - AETHERFORCE

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